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Cost of Attendance

Southeast Arkansas College’s Cost of Attendance beginning with the 2019 fall semester is shown below.  This chart represents an estimate of costs that a student may incur.  Not all students will incur these costs.  Book costs may be significantly less when using the Cengage electronic subscription to textbooks.  If you have questions, please contact the Bookstore at (870) 850-3140 or the Financial Aid Office at (870) 543-5909, or by email at

2019-2020 Campus-Based Student Budget

Living w/ Parent

Total Cost (9 Month, FT): $12,004

Total Cost (9 Month, 0.75 time): $9,136

Total Cost (9 Month, 0.5 time): $7,702

Total Cost (Summer, 8 weeks): $2,511

Total Cost (Summer, 4 weeks): $1,258

See full cost breakdown (PDF)

Off Campus

Total Cost (9 Month, FT): $15,703

Total Cost (9 Month, 0.75 time): $12,835

Total Cost (9 Month, 0.5 time): $11,401

Total Cost (Summer, 8 weeks): $3,333

Total Cost (Summer, 4 weeks): $1,669

See full cost breakdown (PDF)