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Campus Safety & Security

Public Disclosures and Safety Notifications

The following documents are made available to the Students, Faculty and Staff of SEARK College as a means of public safety and notification.

Any questions concerning these reports or to request hard copies should be made to the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs in the Administration Building Rm 842.

Campus Security Notifications

SEARK 2020  Annual Security Report (PDF)

SEARK Drug and Alcohol Policy Annual Notification (PDF)

SEARK Drug and Alcohol Biennial Review (PDF)

SEARK Title IX / Sexual Harassment Policy (PDF)

Emergency Resources

Emergency Response Plan and Procedures(PDF)

SEARK Alert Emergency Notifications – Policy / Opt-Out Form (PDF)

Daily Crime Log (PDF)

External Resources

USDOE Campus Safety and Security

Administrative Resource Links

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Incident Tracker