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Email for students is provided through GoogleApps, and is assigned after admission to the institution. By logging into Gmail, users will have access to a Gmail account that is similar in many respects to an ordinary account, but it is provided by the college and is accessible through

Users must log into their accounts in order to activate them, they are not activated upon creation. Inactive accounts will not receive email! These accounts are the official means of communication with SEARK College, including WebAdvisor password reset requests.

Students: The username format will consist of your seven digit student ID number.  For example: 0012345 followed by  The password will be your six digit date of birth.  For example:

  • January 15, 1988 - 011588
  • December 15, 1988 - 121588


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For assistance with email accounts (login, activation, etc.) please contact our Helpdesk at (870) 850-4900, or email at" id="assistance " lang="en" name="assistance " xml:lang="en">


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