SEARK Action Projects and AQIP

The Action Projects undertaken by SEARK college and their status are listed below. Action Projects were envisioned by AQIP as the process for maintaining a continuous series of projects, when successfully completed accumulate into a visible record of the College’s quality improvement activities over time.

For AQIP, the knowledge that institutions are working on a series of concrete improvement projects provides minimal evidence that quality improvement is alive at the institution. SEARK College maintains at least  three (3) active projects which are shared with AQIP. As Action Projects are completed, new ones are declared using a selection process incorporating knowledge gained from those completed. The knowledge and skills gained from earlier projects are used to select, shape, and scope additional replacement projects.

Action Projects for the College serve the following purposes:

•    They are a means of focusing the institution on the work of at least three important projects to demonstrate our commitment to continuous quality improvement.
•    They serve to guide the College in developing the constructs necessary to organize and oversee quality initiatives.
•    They stimulate engagement of faculty and staff in selection of projects and empower employees through involvement on project teams.
•    They open an avenue for ongoing peer interaction, feedback, and review.
•    They form a basis for developing the processes and activities which set in motion the writing and gathering of data for the first and subsequent Systems Portfolios.

The specific choice of Action Projects is far less critical than the communication of a shared sense of activity, movement, and purpose within the College. The concrete activities of Action Projects and the immediate results of the processes formed, serve to balance what might otherwise seem a long-term rather theoretical but essential activity, with a deferred payoff - creating the Systems Portfolio.

Current Action Projects

  • Establishing a Data- Mart – 11/29/11
  • Green Awareness Initiative – 5/14/12
  • Mission and Strategic Planning Alignment – 5/14/12
  • Retaining students using the Early Alert/Student Retention Alert process – 6/4/13
  • Update of Employee Evaluation Process and Implementation of a Job Description Database – 6/10/13

Completed Action Projects

•    Student Success Center – 9/19/11 (Closed)
•    Student Success Team Minutes – 9/19/11 (Closed) – Team Minutes
•    Establishing a Data-Mart - 11/29/11 (Current) - Team Minutes
•    Establishing Developmental Education Course Entrance and Exit Standards - 12/11/09 (Closed)
•    Pro-Active Advising For Student Retention and Academic Success - 12/17/09 (Closed)
•    Web Presence Development and Improvement Project - 1/1/10 (Closed)
•    Campus Emergency Notification System - 1/10 (Closed)
•    Mandatory Transition Course - 6/17/09 (Closed)
•    Faculty/Staff Handbook - 5/12/08 (Closed)
•    Academic Advising - 3/1/08 (Closed)