General Information:

  1. SEARK Policy & Procedures Download (PDF)
  2. State Procurement Rules & Regulations
  3. Bid Limits:

    SEARK is required to adhere to purchasing laws established by the State of Arkansas. These requirements vary dependent on the dollar levels of procurement of “like commodities.” In general, purchases in amounts ranging from $0 up to $5,000 may be purchased without any bidding requirements. Purchases from $5,000 up to $25,000 require three competitive bids to be on file. Purchases in amounts of $25,000 or greater require Purchasing to advertise for formal sealed bids. Splitting purchase orders in an attempt to avoid these bidding requirements is illegal and the originator of the documents will be held accountable.

    Purchasing is also a member of many cooperative purchasing organizations. These contracts have already been bid, and purchases are allowed at any time with the previously negotiated pricing. If you need to know if a product is available, please contact the Purchasing office for assistance.
  4. Mandatory State Office Supply Contract

    The Office Depot contract with the Arkansas Office of State Procurement is a mandatory contract. All departments must use this vendor for office supply purchases.


Office of State Procurement Contracts

SEARK is also a member of many other cooperative purchasing organizations that have already been bid.  Purchases are allowed with these organiztions.


SEARK Travel Policy Download (PDF) - Need file


Step 1 - Before You Travel....

  • Seek approval to travel (from department, sponsored programs, etc.)
  • Complete Vehicle Safety Forms VSP1 and VSP2 form (PDF download). Only required one time.
  • If using your personal vehicle, contact your automobile insurance agent to confirm if “business use” coverage is required.
  • Locate per diem rates (PDF download)for destination Need file
  • Request “Special” for lodging when appropriate (on TA)
  • Locate allowable mileage (PDF download). SEARK will use MapQuest as the official map mileage.
  • When anticipating renting a vehicle, Enterprise State mandatory contract must be used. Contact the purchasing office for assistance.

Step 2 - During Your Trip....

  • Keep all receipts for common carrier, car rental, gas, taxi, parking, shuttle, etc except for food
  • Keep conference schedule (showing all meals which are provided)
  • Obtain “zero balance” hotel bill 

Step 3 - When You Return....

  • Prepare Travel Reimbursement (TR1) (PDF download) listing expenses to be reimbursed
  • Attach required receipts/proof of payment, conference schedule, etc.
  • Tape small receipts securely to separate piece of paper, staple to TR1 form
  • Submit in a timely manner

State of Arkansas Travel Regulations—effective November 1, 2011

Enterprise Rental-Mandatory Car Rental Contract

The Office of State Procurement has announced a new Mandatory Car Rental Contract with Enterprise Holdings, Inc.  Details about the car rental contract can be viewed here as released by the DFA Office of State Procurement on July 19, 2011.


  1. Illegal Immigrant Form
  2. Contract and Grant Disclosure Form
  3. Minority Vendor Form - Need File
  4. W9
  5. W8
  6. Vendor Registration Form
  7. Sole Source Purchase Justification Form