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Administrative Professional Profiles

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Last Name First Name Position Phone #
ADAMS JOHN Faculty - Computer Networking 543-5997
ALLEN TAMEKIA S Coord/Fac Surgical Technology 543-5967
ALLEN SR DOUGLAS J Shipping and Receiving Clerk 850-4810
ALLRED RANDALL Fiscal Support Analyst 850-4929
ANDERSON CONNIE S Supervisor Data Entry II 543-5958
ATWOOD MARIE P Computer Support Specialist 850-2186
AULDS MYRA Admin II WDC 543-5947
BALLARD STEVEN L Controller 543-5910
BARBAREE JOEL M Director of Physical Plant 850-4821
BATTLE KERRY Institutional Services Asst  
BATTLES LASHAUNA D Accounting Payroll 543-5978
BOGARD KAREN M Executive Assistant to the Pre 543-5907
BOND COURTNEY N Admin. Specialist - Admissions 850-2188
BOREN RONALD L SI Testing & Tutoring Coordina 850-3062
BOWMAN LARRY A Computer Support Technician 850-8411
BRANSON TERRY  Instructor, Radiologic  Tech 850-5980
BROWN KEESHA M. Faculty - Nursing Instructor 850-3065
BROWN SHEILA Faculty - Practical Nursing CN 850-8635
BUCKHANAN ERRICA L Administrative Specialist I 543-5909
CALHOUN LOZANNE Registrar 543-5952
CAMP KATINA M Coor - Fac Practical Nursing 543-5987
CAMPBELL KRISTI Business Office Manager 850-3113
CARNES JR. RUSSELL Faculty - TRiO Academic Spec 850-8580
CARTER MARILYN H Adjunct - Radiologic Technolog 850-8417
CATER LISA M Coordinator of Admin Computing 543-5911
CHAMEL JOYCE E Library Technician II 850-4814
CHILDS DENA D Human Resource Specialist 543-5959
CLARK DEBRA Adult Ed Program 9 Instructor 534-0749
CLAUSEN TERRY R Faculty - Media/Lab Specialist 850-8606
COBB TRACY L Faculty - Math Instructor 850-8416
COPELAND NERVA Education Career Counselor 543-5914
COX DONNA L Director of Financial Aid 543-5968
CUNNINGHAM CHRISTOPHER Faculty-Biology Instructor 850-8639
DAVIS JO Adult Ed Program 9 Instructor 534-0749
DAVIS MARY Faculty - Generic RN 850-4816
DEMMINGS DAYTRA L Faculty - Business Technology 850-3069
DOMINECK DEBORAH B Admin. Specialist II - Extra H 543-5917
DOMINECK SAM JR Financial Aid Specialist 543-5939
DOUGLAS QUENTIN D Institutional Services  
DOWNING ELISHA D Accounts Payable 543-5991
DUNN BARBARA A Director of Admission 543-5957
EDWARDS BOBBY Maintenance Assistance 850-3122
DUPRA JOANN Director of Computing Services 543-5993
ELLIS ROSEMARY L Administrative Specialist III 543-5934
EVANS DELORES Instructor, Phlebotomy 543-5962
GINGER AMANDA S Faculty - Business Technology 543-5940
GOBER LISA D Career Pathways Program Direct 543-5969
GOLDEN TREVOR S. Faculty -Computer Networkin 543-5979
GRAYDON TERRI N Inst Serv Assist Evening  
GRIMMETT WANDA J Administrative Assistant G/S 543-5973
GUNTER MICHAEL Vice President for Student Affairs 850-4826
GUY STEPHANIE J Coor - Fac CNA / PracticalNurs 543-5986
HALL KLAY Coordinator EMT 850-2184
HARROD CHRISTOPHER Faculty - History / Philosophy 543-5946
HEARD MICHELLE Arkansas Works Career Facilita  
HERRON MARKIA Coordinator Distant Learning 850-3118
HILL LAQUETA G Assistant Registrar 850-8632
HILTERBRAN STEPHEN President 543-5907
HOLCOMB JENNIFER Faculty, Registered Nursing 850-4917
HOOD CAROLYN A. Faculty - Registered Nursing 543-5983
HUNTHROP ALISON L Student Support Counselor Care 850-3061
HUNTHROP RENEE Data Entry Specialist 543-5900
HYATT SR BOBBY R Counselor Student Support Serv 850-8487
IRVIN LEAH Coordinator/Instructor 850-4836
JACKSON JO Faculty-Psychology/Sociology 850-4830
JACKSON SCHUNDRETHA Institutional Serv. Asst  
JEFFERS GERALD L Library Support Assistant I PT 850-4802
JOHNSON SHERRY Instructor, Respiratory 850-8633
JOHNSON JENNIFER Cashier II 543-5953
JONES CANDICE Arkansas Works Career Facilita 850-3132
JONES DEDRIC Arkansas Works Career Facilita 850-3133
JONES DORA D Administrative Assistant Stude 850-8582
KEITH KANDIACE A Financial Aid Specialist 543-5913
KELLEY SHIRLEY A Secretary I Information Studen 850-3117
LAWHON NICHOLAS Maintenance Assistant 850-4850
LAYHER WILLIAM G Faculty - Biology Instructor 850-3067
LEWIS JA`NEE E Work Study - Nursing & Allied 543-5917
LINDSEY WANDA C Director of Workforce Developm 543-5950
LONG ANTHONY Instructor, Surg Tech 850-4816
MADDEN GREGORY A Faculty - Math Instructor 5435975
MATTHEWS ELEANOR R Faculty - Instructor/Coordinat 850-8588
MAY BROOKE Assistant to VP Student Affairs 850-2187
MCANINCH LUCINDA Food Court Manager 850-4829
MCBRIDE TONYA A Faculty Practical Nursing 850-3115
MCVAY JENNY K Administrative Assistant II - 543-5931
MEADOWS JR. CARDELL Faculty - Business Tech. 543-5970
MILLER KIMBERLY Extra Help - Retention 850-2182
MILLWOOD JOHN Faculty EMS Inst/Clinical Coor 850-4817
MITCHELL DEBRAH Coordinator of Student Recruit 850-3074
MONTGOMERY BEVERLY J Faculty - English and Reading 543-5928
WATTS TAMERA L Coordinator Community Outreach 850-4823
MOREHEAD KALEYBRA M VP for Academic Affairs 543-5963
NELSON GAIL Assistant Director Fin Aid 850-3112
NIX TOMMY Coor - Fac Clinical Radiology 850-8604
NYARANGI STELLA Faculty - Practical Nursing In 850-8586
OBRIANT KENNETH Director - GAE 850-4835
PARRISH ANGELA Fiscal Support Analyst 850-8608
PEARCE NANCY TRiO Program Director 850-8585
PIERCE TINA Coor - Fac Radiological Tech 543-5941
POWELL JOSEPH Information Technology Manager 850-8590
PRICE STEPHANIE M. Institutional Serv. Asst  
PYLAND DEBORAH SI Director of Retention 850-4834
RAY KUMAR C Faculty - Business Technology 543-5922
RICE IRY T Faculty - Weld/Elec/Mech Inst 850-8607
RICHTER DON Instructor, Respiratory 850-8633
ROBERTS SHERRI S SI Retention & Advising Specia 850-3120
ROBERTSON LAURA Arkansas Works Career Facilita 850-3134
ROBY LEAVORN Maintenance Assistance 850-4850
RYBURN NANCY E Faculty - Psychology 543-5945
SCOTT RACHEL M Faculty - Math Instructor 850-4828
SHANLEY MARK S Dean of Gen Studies (Interim) 850-3121
SHAPIRO GREGORY Faculty - Criminal Justice Tec 543-5918
SHAVERS PATRICIA Administrative Sprc II- Adult 534-0749
SHAW LESLIE L SI Coordinator Early Childhood 543-5989
SMITH JANELLE S SI Coord /Fac Respiratory Ther 543-5924
SPIKES TIKEECHA L Library Support Assistant 850-4840
STITH GAIL Counselor 850-2183
STROUD BLANE L. Research Project Analyst 850-8611
STUTCHMAN ELLEN E Faculty - English Speech & 850-4927
SULLIVAN LARHONDA Career Coach - Adult Ed. 534-0749
TATE KATRINA Faculty - TRiO Reading & Engl 850-8581
TATE PAT Faculty - English Instructor 850-2185
TEEL GINA A Faculty - English & Speech 543-5961
THROWER JABE A Maintenance Assistance 850-4819
TREGLOWN MARY K Faculty English 543-5944
VOLLERTSEN JOHN T Faculty - Chemistry & Physics 543-5965
VOLLERTSEN MARY E Faculty - Biology Instructor 850-8587
WALLACE DEBRA S Vice President for Fiscal Affa 543-5996
WARD ANGELA S Administrative Assistant Bldg 850-4820
WEATHERLY ALICE Purchasing 850-8629
WESSELL DAN Faculty - General Studies 850-8591
WHITFIELD MICHAEL Student Recruitment Specialist 850-3116
WHITMAN GLORIA Project/Program Specialist  
WILLBANKS SHAWN Faculty - CAD / Drafting 850-8638
WILLIAMS ANGELIA D Accountant Business Office 850-8603
WILLIAMS Diann Vice President for Assessment 543-5929
WILLIAMS KIMBERLY Librarian 850-4815
WILLIAMS SHARON D. Institutional Services Asst  
WILLIAMS SHIRLEY Institutional Serv. Asst-Extra  
WILSON VELMA Institutional Services Assista  
WOODS MAGNOLIA Coordinator - Faculty RN Progr 543-5995
WORKS RONALD W Maintenance Supervisor 850-4850
YOUNG SHAUN Faculty - Registered Nursing 850-8637
Other Campus Numbers    
SEARK Main 543-5900  
Campus Security 557-4211  
Campus Security (2) 850-4899  
Buildings and Grounds 850-4850  
IT Help Desk 850-4900  
Barnes & Nobles 850-3140  
Shark Attack
Library 543-5936  

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