Seark College

Advisement Center

The College’s Advisement Center houses the College counselor and advisors. The staff provides academic advising services for first-year entering students. . The Center staff is also available to:

  • Ease the transition from high school to college
  • Provide a clear understanding of academic requirements
  • Enable students to utilize college and community resources
  • Assist with registration advising (course requirements, prerequisites, etc.)
  • Assist with job placement and career services

It is the charge of the Advisement Center to serve as an integral role in shaping student undergraduate experience at Southeast Arkansas College. They do this by ensure that each student’s academic program has direction and purpose. Advisors also direct students in developing study skills that will allow them to function as independent learners. Advisement Center advisors enable students in making informed choices and avoiding pitfalls. The advisors devise coherent academic plans for new students that are in-line with their life goals; provide workshops and direct them to services that are necessary to achieve those plans and goals; develop practices and attitudes to become independent learners; and act strategically to identify and use college and community resources effectively to guarantee their success.

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