Seark College

Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment


To help better understand the importance of this web site, it is important first to understand the role of assessment of student academic achievement in evaluating the effectiveness of the College as a whole. SEARK College believes that teaching and learning are at the very core of all its activities. Assessment, therefore, comprises all of the activities and processes which affect student learning.

Assessment is one of the major tools used by SEARK College to improve and maintain the quality of education and services that are provided to our customers (students). Assessment is the responsibility of every person involved with the College including administration, faculty, staff, students, and our community Partners.

The overarching goal of the Office of Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness at SEARK College is to optimize institutional effectiveness through facilitating an evidence based, organizational culture of continuous improvement supported by effective processes, valid measures, and appropriate assessments.

Outcomes for the office of Institutional Effectiveness are to:

  1. Develop and maintain systems for collecting, maintaining and accessing relevant data in support of institutional accreditation through AQIP.

  2. Promote continuous improvement through maintaining an effective AQIP Action Project management process, supporting process improvement Action Teams across campus, and communicating successful process improvement initiatives.

  3. Ensure continuing institutional accreditation through AQIP by maintaining Action Projects, the Systems Portfolio, responding appropriately to Systems Appraisals, and facilitating a successful Quality Check-Up visit leading to Reaffirmation.

  4. Ensure that all administrative units are periodically reviewed and utilize assessment methods consistent with the best continuous improvement strategies and accreditation guidelines mandated by AQIP.

  5. Facilitate communication and dissemination of information about accreditation, institutional effectiveness, and assessment activities.



Should you have specific concerns or questions regarding AQIP, Institutional Effectiveness or Assessment, please contact: 

Dr. Kaleybra Morehead, VP for Academic Affairs 



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