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Application Instructions

General Application Procedure 

A completed, current employment application form is required for every position at Southeast Arkansas College (SEARK College). Each section of the application must be completed, including salaries. Resumes may not be used to replace information requested on the application form; however a current resume and cover letter indicating the position(s) for which you applying may be submitted in addition to a completed employment application.

SEARK Employment Application (PDF)

Include copies of transcripts where appropriate. For jobs requiring transcripts, original transcripts are required before final appointment.

Applicants for more than one position must submit a separate application for each position sought.  Since requirements may vary, please note carefully requirements posted for each position. Southeast Arkansas College is not obligated to process incomplete applications.  

Applicants should also note that SEARK College requires a criminal background check as part of the employment process.

A signature by the applicant is required if submitting the employment application via U.S. Postal Service, fax, or hand delivery. We consider an e-mailed application as an official application and do not require a signature on applications submitted via e-mail.

NO UNSOLICITED APPLICATIONS ARE ACCEPTED. A completed application must be identified with a currently posted job vacancy.

For an application to be considered, all requested materials must be submitted either by mail or as an email attachment 
Southeast Arkansas College
ATTN: Personnel Office
P.O. Box 1426
Pine Bluff, AR 71613 (E-mail)

If submitting in person:

Please submit all required documents by placing them in the Application Dropbox located in the Business Services Building at SEARK College.  Please Note:  Completed application packets should not be left with any individual. 

Applications for positions with a closing date must be received on or before the stated closing date to be considered. Positions listed as “open until filled” may be filled at any time as of or following the stated date that review of applications will begin.  

Southeast Arkansas College will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, sex, national origin, age, or handicapped status in the providing of educational services or in the admission to, employment by, or promotion within the College.

Questions concerning the application process can be sent to

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