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Title: Counselor

Grade: Professional, Exempt

Department: Retention & Advisement Center

Job Description:  The Counselor is responsible for testing, assessing, and counseling adult college students and providing educational and career guidance services. The Counselor is also responsible for assessing and evaluating problems of individuals, through the use of case history, interview, and observation, and providing referrals to outside counseling services to assist individuals in achieving more effective personal, social, educational, and vocational development and adjustment. The Counselor is a staff member of the Student Retention and Advisement Center. Provides advisement to first-time entering and transfer students. Assists students in placement test interpretation, college program selection, and course placement; provides information on financial aid and social support agencies; maintains confidentiality. Encourages student success by providing information on college services. Establish and maintain community resources for referrals for students for a variety of medical, behavioral, and mental health needs. Counsels students with disabilities and at-risk students individually or in group sessions concerning social, civic, personal, and educational problems and refers students to alternate sources for assistance. Works with instructors to develop educational plans for students with documented disabilities. Maintains close contact with the Education Counselor and the Career Specialist in monitoring job market information for graduates, including local industry needs and skill requirements, for employment. Attends seminars, workshops, and conferences to maintain professional development, networking opportunities, appropriate credentials, and assists with special school functions. Performs other duties as assigned.

Knowledges, Abilities, And Skills:  Knowledge of federal and state ADA policies as they relate to post-secondary education and the ability to interpret medical and mental health documentation in support of instructional accommodations and to prepare letters of accommodation as appropriate. Confers regularly with faculty and academic administrators regarding the College's academic offerings and services and the needs of specific students. Experience in crisis management and appropriate response tactics. Excellent interpersonal, planning, organizational, and communication skills. Ability to coordinate and manage multiple projects simultaneously. Must work cooperatively and collaboratively with numerous and diverse individuals and groups in a higher education setting. Ability to provide guidance to students in regard to proper course placement.

Minimum Qualifications:  The formal education equivalent of a master's degree in psychology, sociology, social work, or a related field; plus two years of experience in counseling, psychology, social work, or a related area. Must be licensed as a Professional Counselor in accordance with ACA 17-27-301. Requires least two years’ experience in counseling adults or a related field; student-centered attitude; be a team player; have professional bearing; Microsoft Office experience; strong interpersonal skills. Other job related education and/or experience may be substituted for all or part of these basic requirements, upon approval of the Qualifications Review Committee.

Salary:  Based on experience and qualifications.

Benefits:  Southeast Arkansas College provides 11 holidays, 12 days of sick leave, and 12 days of annual vacation leave each year. The College also provides a tuition waiver for the employee and dependents. The College offers a choice of retirement plan options with employer contributions ranging from 10% to 14% depending upon the plan selected. The College also provides a tuition waiver for the employee and dependents.

Application Deadline:  Review of applications will begin immediately and continue through April 3rd.  Interested candidates must submit a completed Southeast Arkansas College Employment Application, current resume, copies of all college transcripts, copy of LPC license, and provide names, addresses, and phone numbers of three (3) professional references.

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Updated 03/17/2015




Title:  Business and Community Coordinator

Department:  Workforce Development Center 

Job Description:  The Business and Community Coordinator will represent SEARK College in its six-county service area and be responsible for coordinating training efforts with businesses, for continuing education, and also community services classes. Candidate must be a self-starter who is energetic, communicates well with the public, and can coordinate business and industry related courses as requested for hourly workers, technicians, supervisors, upper management, and/or community contacts. A solid work history and recent, hands-on computer experience using the Microsoft Office Suite is also required for this 12-month position in the Workforce Development Center. Knowledge of manufacturing terminology is a plus. Requires travel within the college’s six-county service area.

   Duties and Responsibilities:  Contribute to the overall achievement of the college’s mission and goals. Maintains up-to-date and accurate records of training and reference materials. Assists in the design and development of courses, instructional material, and training schedules as appropriate. Uses training techniques that include the effective utilization of resources that motivate students. Maintains relationships with local business, industry, governmental, and other organizations to promote/market college programs and to offer and/or develop WDC training and related services. Assists in the planning design and organization of projects for the improvement of the college and community. Performs research and prepares documentation needed in order to seek funding for developmental projects. Attend general faculty, division, and departmental meetings. Develops a personal and professional improvement plan in those areas deemed necessary as a result of evaluations. Serves on committees as appointed. Performs other duties as assigned.   

Minimum Qualifications:  Bachelor’s Degree in related field and at least five years of related work experience. Other job related education and/or experience may be substituted for all or part of these basic requirements, except for certification or licensure requirements, upon approval of the qualifications review committee.

Preferred Qualifications:  Master’s Degree and ten years of related work experience.

Salary:  Commensurate with qualifications and experience.

Application Deadline:  February 4, 2015. Applications received after the deadline may not be considered. Interested candidates must submit a completed SEARK College Employment Application, current resume, copies of college transcripts, and three current letters of reference. 

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Posted 01/14/2015


Title:  Public Relations Specialist (Administrative Specialist III)

Grade:  C112 on State pay plan; Entry: $25,268 annual.

Department:  Academic/College Affairs


Job Summary:  Serves as the assistant to the Vice President for Academic Affairs and College Affairs. Primary duties and responsibilities involve the oversight of Academic and College Affairs’ office operations. Typical responsibilities include: arranging and planning meetings and events; processing paperwork; providing assistance to students, staff, and faculty.

Duties and Responsibilities:

1.       Responsible for developing and executing several aspects of the College’s public relations and marketing strategies that raise institutional visibility and establishes relationships with local media.

2.       Serves as the College’s primary public relations writer, and has the ability to assist with publications and marketing pieces that promote the College’s strengths and unique features.

3.       Develops and maintains a media relations strategy for the College and distributes news releases.

4.       Writes, distributes and follows-up news releases to obtain media coverage for various College events and achievements.

5.       Works with various College departments to maintain an effective marketing campaign for the College.

6.       Works with academic areas by assisting with policy, procedures, and requests from external sources. Reviews policies and procedures.

7.       Assists with crafting campaigns, coordinating fund-raising strategies, and prioritizing outreach efforts.

8.       General administrative duties include: responding to department telephone and e-mail inquiries; submitting e-mail messages; processing requisitions; taking meeting minutes; tracking department expenditures to budget; maintaining files.

9.       Performs other duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Abilities, and Skills:  Possesses working knowledge of social media tools, computers, and software applications. Knowledge of research and analysis techniques and methods. Ability to prepare, present, and review oral and written information and reports. Ability to research and analyze related work program information. Must be deadline and results oriented; creative; team oriented; adaptable and able to keep information confidential, as requested.

Minimum Qualifications: The formal education equivalent of a high school diploma with one year of specialized training in business management, business education, or a related field; plus three years of experience in specialized or a related field applicable to work performed. Other job related education and/or experience may be substituted for all or part of these basic requirements, except for certification or licensure requirements, upon approval of the Qualifications Review Committee.

Preferred Qualifications: Associate degree in public relations, business, business administration or related field with three years of experience in higher education. Excellent written and oral, presentation and interpersonal skills. Documented proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite applications, database, course management systems, and learning management systems.

Application Deadline: March 20, 2015. Applications received after the deadline may not be considered. Qualified candidates must submit a completed Southeast Arkansas College Employment Application along with a current cover letter and resume. Please provide copies of college transcripts/certifications if applicable.  Official transcripts will be required prior to employment. 

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Posted 03/11/2015


Application Instructions

General Application Procedure 

A completed, current employment application form is required for every position at Southeast Arkansas College (SEARK College). Each section of the application must be completed, including salaries. Resumes may not be used to replace information requested on the application form; however a current resume and cover letter indicating the position(s) for which you applying may be submitted in addition to a completed employment application.

SEARK Employment Application (PDF)

Include copies of transcripts where appropriate. For jobs requiring transcripts, original transcripts are required before final appointment.

Applicants for more than one position must submit a separate application for each position sought.  Since requirements may vary, please note carefully requirements posted for each position. Southeast Arkansas College is not obligated to process incomplete applications.  

Applicants should also note that SEARK College requires a criminal background check as part of the employment process.

A signature by the applicant is required if submitting the employment application via U.S. Postal Service, fax, or hand delivery. We consider an e-mailed application as an official application and do not require a signature on applications submitted via e-mail.

NO UNSOLICITED APPLICATIONS ARE ACCEPTED. A completed application must be identified with a currently posted job vacancy.

For an application to be considered, all requested materials must be submitted either by mail or as an email attachment 
Southeast Arkansas College
ATTN: Personnel Office
P.O. Box 1426
Pine Bluff, AR 71613
Personnelatseark [dot] edu (E-mail)

If submitting in person:

Please submit all required documents by placing them in the Application Dropbox located in the Business Services Building at SEARK College.  Please Note:  Completed application packets should not be left with any individual. 

Applications for positions with a closing date must be received on or before the stated closing date to be considered. Positions listed as “open until filled” may be filled at any time as of or following the stated date that review of applications will begin.  

Southeast Arkansas College will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, sex, national origin, age, or handicapped status in the providing of educational services or in the admission to, employment by, or promotion within the College.

Questions concerning the application process can be sent to Personnelatseark [dot] edu

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